Sometimes ya just gotta stop and fish…


My son and I had the privilege of fishing in Kansas during our recent trip there…caught some 5lb Channel Cats, then had a big ole Croppie fish fry later on. Thanks to Dusty, Clyde and Ardis Ann for their overwhelming hospitality!


June 9, Detroit


A rather hot day here in Detroit. Doing a gig adjacent to Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, and one of baseballs true legends, Ty Cobb. Met up with Matt Heasley, who used to sell our merchandise in the Ricochet days, 1998. He’s playing keys and touring. Always awesome to meet up with old friends. Cheers!

June 7th, Fan Fest River Stages Show


Well, Fan Fest has come to a close for’s 9pm Thurs nite, and I’m standing in a curb in Brentwood, TN waiting for the tour bus, headed to Rockton, IL then to Detroit, MI. Had a great time jamming this morning, however-no matter how you slice it, most of the red solo cups onstage were filled with coffee…) Cheers!

June 1, Tacoma WA


Pretty day here in Tacoma, playing a show at the Emerald Queen Casino. Managed to slip out to Tully’s Coffeehouse last night and play their red piano. Stressed? Try this: breathe in deeply for 5 seconds, hold for 7, breathe out for 3. Repeat when kneaded.