“Rebels On The Run” available 10-18-2011

Make sure you pick up the new album from Montgomery Gentry. It’s a great project filled with killer tunes!
Also, check the MG website for tour dates near you. www.montgomerygentry.com
I’ve got the best seat in the house, night after night!

The story behind “One Night At A Time”

Ah….1996. Now THAT was a year! Ricochet was having incredible success at radio with “Daddy’s Money“, and I was co-writing with a bunch of incredible writers, including Roger Cook and Earl Bud Lee. I remember waking up that rainy-dreary day in August….we had played a gig the night before and I was hesitant to get out of bed and go downtown to write. But it’s not every day that you get to write with a living legend like Roger Cook…so guitar in hand, I parked two blocks away from Island Bound Music and showed up at the door dripping wet. Roger met me and said that Earl Bud Lee was upstairs too, they had gotten their signals crossed on a writing appt, so if I didn’t mind, the three of us could write. Mind? Needless to say, we wrote this tune in a few hours. I can clearly recall Rodger playing it on his ukulele, me on the piano and Earl Bud on acoustic. I have the original writing session on cassette in my studio, maybe I’ll dust it off and post a follow up.

Long story short, this was the ASCAP Song of the Year in 1997. Thanks George, you ARE country music!

Darren Warren blazes up the Music Row charts with “Cowboy Up and Party Down”

Hats off to NuCorp Entertainment artist Darren Warren on the success of his 6 song ep. He cut my tune “Cowboy Up and Party Down” and released it to radio with fantastic results! I’m proud to watch his progress and witness his musical dreams coming true!

I wrote this tune back in 2000 while flying to a Ricochet gig in Phoenix. I didn’t have my writing notebook with me on the plane, so the entire original lyric is forever enshrined on an air sickness bag….definitely worth framing!

Take a look at Darren’s music video for the tune, as well as a few others that have been shot through the years (most notably the Dixie Road cut). Cheers!