I Love NY….


I’m just old enough to remember the “I love NY (for a great vacation)” ad campaign of the early 1980’s. I still enjoy every trip to the city, and have begun to drag a few band members around in search of the city’s best cup of coffee. Today we ended up in NJ doing a show at the infamous Starland Ballroom. Tomorrow, Atlantic City. Tuesday, Seattle, Friday- Tacoma, Saturday- Sacramento. Better put on a pot of coffee…

May 25, 2012 NYC


Summer’s Here (that reminds me of a song). Traditionally, a touring musician posts most of their travel miles during June, July and August. Let’s just see where the Summer of 2012 leads us! First stop, NYC to kick off the ” Summer Concert Series” on Fox & Friends. Coffee’s hot, and it’s early. Make it a great day!

Evidence Of Journey- Ministry Event at Oakmont Baptist Church, Greenville NC

Some days are just perfect!
Dusty, Eric and I traveled from our respective homes on Sunday, May 6th to Greenville, NC for an EOJ music ministry opportunity at Oakmont Baptist Church.
Upon arriving, we were met by some of the most gracious, God loving people we’d ever met. The staff was incredible, the church was amazing, the congregation was overwhelming, and we were blessed. A special thanks to Randy, Michael and Steve for their help!