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Songs & Stories Yearbook

Here’s a collection of memories from my “Songs & Stories” programs throughout the year.

Christmas “Songs & Stories” 2015

Well, it’s that time of year again! This is my 3rd season of “Christmas Songs & Stories” performances throughout middle Tennessee-and this year I’ve worked up a blockbuster show that contains a bunch of Christmas classics, as well as some originals-and of course, some fun stories from the road and from my time here in Nashville.

Most of these shows are at local senior centers and town community centers. I hope you can come out to a show!!

Dec. 7  9:30am  Macon County Senior Citizens Center, Lafayette / 1:30pm Lebanon Senior Center

Dec. 8  10am Donelson Senior Center / 2pm Ashland City Senior Center

Dec.10 2pm Uffelman Estates, Clarksville  / 7pm Thompsons Station Community Center

Dec. 14 2 pm Brookdale Senior Living, Decatur AL

Dec. 16th Goodlettsville, TN

Christmas Songs & Stories


Belize Mission Project-2015

It was another incredible opportunity to take part in my 2nd year of the Belize Mission Project. This year, Dusty and I traveled more extensively throughout Belize, performing 3 ministry events and helping to fluoridate children’s teeth (over 4,000 that week alone!).

Ricochet-20 years later!

Belize Mission Project 2014

I was blessed to take part in the 2014 Belize Mission Project this November with my “Evidence Of Journey” brother Dusty Workman and a team of incredible dentists, nurses and volunteers. For 22 years, the Belize Mission Project has provided free dental care to the citizens of Belize, with emphasis on fluoridating the school children. All the expenses are the responsibility of the volunteers, and each year the list of volunteers grows-as does the need for dental care in this Central American country.

Music in the control tower, Kandahar Afghanistan 2002 w/ Craig Morgan

When the troops can’t come to the show, we bring the show to them! This was a memorable performance high above the airstrip in Kadahar, Afghanistan back in Dec. 2002 with Craig Morgan. Good times with great people!

“Songs And Stories” segment

“Songs And Stories” Program (sponsor info)

“Songs And Stories” Program (extended version)

Final Cut Pro X experiments

I just recently jumped into Final Cut Pro X- since I had been using FCP 5 forever, this waImages like moving from a Volkswagen to the Space Shuttle.
Tried out the Ken Burns effect, added some flashing, vignette, rain and sfx & music. Nothing like some good old fashioned scary corn.
Took the still photo with a Panasonic Lumix G6. Love the camera, shoots awesome video as well.

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