“Rebels On The Run” available 10-18-2011

Make sure you pick up the new album from Montgomery Gentry. It’s a great project filled with killer tunes!
Also, check the MG website for tour dates near you. www.montgomerygentry.com
I’ve got the best seat in the house, night after night!

2 thoughts on ““Rebels On The Run” available 10-18-2011

  1. Hi Eddie !
    Glad to see you doing what you were born to do all these years and doing it well !
    My 12 year old son is playing in a band (drums of course), they are doing great.
    Back home talking with some of the local musicians your name comes up, we are
    very proud of our local boy and all his talent. It’s been years since we talked.
    I was talking with one of the local musicians about the old days and funny fun times we had.
    Hope to catch up some day

    Joe Forte

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