The Music Ministry “Evidence Of Journey”

My great friend and co-writer Dusty Workman and I share a passion for music, our families and our faith. We teamed up to create a new music ministry called “Evidence Of Journey”. Still in its infancy, we have performed 3 shows at churches in and around Topeka, KS. It’s an uplifting experience for both of us, since it’s so wonderfully different to perform songs of faith, praise, testimony and the human experience. We hope you enjoy this brief introduction, and we look forward to sharing our “Evidence Of Journey” with you!

One thought on “The Music Ministry “Evidence Of Journey”

  1. Eddie, it was a tremendous blessing to have you lead us in worship at Mukilteo Pres. last Sunday. Thank you for coming and sharing your heart, your faith, and your music. The songs you sang are life-changing, and we will be benefiting from their content for a long time … as a musician (I’m an organist/pianist) I look forward to seeing those songs in print.

    Joy and Peace in your on-going opportunities!

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