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I'd like to have lunch with Manilow. Can somebody work on that for me..?

“Songs And Stories” Program (sponsor info)

“Songs And Stories” Program (extended version)

Final Cut Pro X experiments

I just recently jumped into Final Cut Pro X- since I had been using FCP 5 forever, this waImages like moving from a Volkswagen to the Space Shuttle.
Tried out the Ken Burns effect, added some flashing, vignette, rain and sfx & music. Nothing like some good old fashioned scary corn.
Took the still photo with a Panasonic Lumix G6. Love the camera, shoots awesome video as well.

Ricochet’s first tv appearance!

This was at the beginning of our radio tour/media blitz for our first single, “What Do I Know”. At the time (Oct.1995), we would show up at the radio stations at 5:30 am to get ready for the drive time rush- set up our gear and play a bunch of songs-Heath and I on acoustics, Teddy on Dobro, Jeff with brushes on a snare, Greg with an acoustic bass, and Jr with his fiddle-all the while singing 5 part harmony. Good times!

Cowboy Fast Draw

Cowboy Fast Draw

Wanted to say thanks to our new friends at Old Dominion Fast Draw in Roanoke, VA for hosting the three of us for some Cowboy Fast Draw while on tour. If you ever get the chance to try this sport-you’re probably gonna get hooked! It’s a safe, fun family sport that combines all the aspects of gun safety, target shooting, and friendly competition. For more info, go to:

Ricochet Summer of 1999 TV clips

Lotsa great memories!

Ricochet on PrimeTime Country in Houston, TX

Good times!

No more calls, we have a winner…!


If you visit Washington, DC-do yourself a flavor and grab a breakfast bagel sandwich at Washington Deli
I’m proceeding directly to a slice of pepperoni for my second breakfast.
At least it’s not chicken….

Strong coffee-strong harmony


Funny how life brings you full circle. I was invited by Heath & Greg to sing with them during tonight’s performance for JINSA in Washington, DC. I started in Ricochet on Oct 23, 1993…so 20 yrs, 1 month and a few days later we’re performing together for what may be the last time. Brings back a lot of memories-it’s always an honor to sing our National Anthem “Ricochet” style.
Gotta run, coffee’s callin…..

Circa 1996


Thanks Ric Young for sporting your Ricochet shirt at the Lavergne Senior Center show. As always, I had a fabulous time entertaining our greatest generation!

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